Home of the UTM (Umbrella Torch Mount) The UTM allows to mount a light in the
upwards direction on the back of your helmet to provide whole room lighting while
keeping your hands free to work task and not constantly shining your light in the
eyes of you teammates.

At this time the UTM should work with any helmet using the standard ACH-ARC rails.

We offer three models to date.
UTM - This mount uses a 5 slot 1913 Picatinny rail section. You can use this section
to attach any light that the Picatinny system.

UTM-SL - This mount is for direct mounting of SF M300 Scout Light.

UTM-QD - This mount in conjunction with Kinect MLOK 3 slot Mount allows for you to
set you light up in a QD configuration. You can take the light off the helmet while it is
being worn and use the light as a hand held light and quickly reattach it back on the
UTM and go back to the umbrella configuration.

The UTM is cut via a water jet from 16ga 304 stainless steel then coated in black or
OD green DuraCoat. We use 3M industrial grade Velco on the front and back and
finish it up with a MagPul 5 Slot Picatinny rail section.